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What is Chat GPT?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually taking over the world. This time, Open AI has created the most incredible bot, which has currently become the most dominant topic amongst professionals.

What exactly is Chat GPT? How does it Work? What are its features? are all the queries flying around.

openai featured

What  is Chat GPT?

Chat GPT, developed by Open AI, is an auto generated chatbot designed to provide human-like responses to natural language cues using a vast corpus of text data. As a result of the model’s extensive training on text data, it can produce responses that are pertinent, cogent, and occasionally even humorous. However It is a pre-trained generative conversation that uses natural language processing (NLP).It uses information from books, websites, and a variety of articles to build a model for the language it will use to respond to human contact.This chatbot system uses artificial intelligence to deliver information and answers to queries. The GPT-3 model is the most popular version of chat GPT.

What are the features of ChatGPT?

The basic function of Chat GPT is to produce text-box responses just like how normal people would respond. Therefore, it is appropriate for chatbots, AI system discussions, and virtual assistants. Additionally, it may produce essays and descriptive writings as well as conversational, natural answers to inquiries.

However ChatGPT is also able to write codes,  Write  Articles, Translate and so on.

ChatGPT is multilingual. ChatGPT can generate responses in a variety of languages because of its extensive language training.

How is ChatGPT going to be helpful for researchers and Software developers?

Chat GPT is going to be the most brilliant resource for Researchers and Developers who are working in multiple Natural Language Processing Projects as Chat GPT is based on NLP. On the other hand ChatGPT’s code and pre-trained weights have been released by OpenAI, making it available to developers and researchers. 

The tech field has been transformed by ChatGPT. Every single person is encouraged to check in to the program by its simple accessibility and abundance of features and facilities. There are no additional steps or app installation required for the sign-in procedure; simply enter your contact details and you are good to go. For any professional who has used ChatGPT even once, it has already become their best friend. Open AI has brought a revolution in the software industry.

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