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Ditch Degree and be Tech Guru within 90 days

How about landing a six figures job within just 90 days?Become a tech guru from a non-tech background with us.

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With an aim of transforming life into something bigger, SN Solution is here to provide cutting edge technical course to you. Normally, you would see that people work for 7-8 years to get a six figure job. But, with SN Solution you bypass this stage for your career. You get a six figure job just after you have completed the course. Do you also wish to have a technical job without any degree that too within 3-5 months? Do you think it is possible? Yes, Is is possible!

Our vision

SN Solution is working to provide you career boost with cutting edge technical courses. These are the courses that ensures that you get job assurity.
With the competitive fees for our courses, more students are getting benefits and taking up high package of jobs.

Our Mission

SN Solution aims to make it easier for everyone to have a technical job. If you have an area where you are invested but you want to do this course as well, we are here to offer you online classes. This is how you don’t have to stop your career growth.
Say Bye to technical degree who just take up your 2-3 years and give you barely anything. With SN Solution you can be assured to have a promising technical job.
Not only this, you will have a six figure job within just a span of 6 months.

Practical Skill Sets

Learn new skills for a new career in tech

World Class Experts

Treat yourself to the gift of knowledge from world leading experts

Online Classes

We offer online classes to take you from no tech experience to pro


We continue to support our students even while in jobs

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Our Featured Courses

SN Solution offers a wide variety of courses to help you land a six figure salary. It is one of the exceptional offer that we are rolling out where you can get a six figure salary within 90 days without even having a degree. Isn’t it awesome? Now, you might be interested to know about the courses. So, that you can makeup clear vision as to which course attracts you the most. Here you go.

Want A Job In Technology? Don't Worry If
You Don'T Have A Degree. Do MS In Business Analytics In USA online classes

MS In Business Analytics In USA online classes

Frequently Asked Question

SN Solution provides training program for 90 days. We provide pre-recorded classes and live classes which are scheduled for three to four times a week.
We have designed the courses to be hybrid in nature. This simply means that we offer self study and classes through professionals who are there in this industry. This ultimately means that the course is timeless and they can be suited with any updates of industry standards.
Our courses doesn’t require any certification. However, we offer a certificate for training Splunk Engineering.
We provide these courses which have 90 days of time period which simply means that you would need 90 days to get graduated.
Get hands-on experience with techie, non-techie and like-minded people who are in same ship as you. They are going to switch their industry from one to another, so that they can get a better opportunity for their career. Our course and professional teachers make sure that you never fallback and learn everything that is important for your career ahead.

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